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This song may very well be the best song ever written. Ever. I keep waiting for something to come and dethrone it from 'most magnificent song of all time', but nothing thus far quite measures up.

作曲: Dir en grey
translation by deidrich

the clouds intersect my breath halts alas it is only a blind husk (1)
is this place the depths? my body burns in the gloom alas I just want to forget
slip my desire into the ant's nest come now let this moment make me anew (3)

letting tomorrow rest inner peace turns to me
entrusting ones' own body to painfully sharp emotions
the surging flow is the proof that I'm alive
I invite a tomorrow that indulges my tears

the dogra, magra influence (4)
the blotchy pain, the unique personality
the tacky decorations stuck to my eyes; (5)
I don't need them anymore
will hypocrisy snatch this away again?
completely alone on a flushed night-stage
this is for you, the leading man who seethes and churns (6)
this is the truth

the small corner of my heart that I cannot deceive says "I still want to live"
who would not allow me this?
the coldness of my voice resounds and I do swear

I walk with my deeds I scream out through flesh torn by heaven and earth
shaped by my burden (7) how can I attest to my life if I'm to vanish with the wind?

"I have already gazed too long upon the bright, adamantine moon (8)
unable to become a wolf I go mad in the darkness
wanting to drink from the neck an empty wreck because I'm unable to rest (9)
indulged for years... if it's growing dark for you, I'll become a madman"

everyone holds out their hands for happiness
only to become monsters, lying dormant in the dark
already, it's too late; the end is born
taking the form of nought, it creeps back into the womb of it's birth and rots
every time this happens your faces crumble

recoiling from a truth that breaks the ears
oppressed intentions

atone for your sins and leave your mortal life

the empty antithesis chokes the land with tears
burying bones in our shared land soaked in thesis (10)
depression is my burden it carries me off
in a gritty tsunami, smiling through bitter tears
the forsaken worth hanging itself on the thirteenth step
people collude amongst clapping hands
mingling in their weak and hurtful thoughts
somehow it saddens me, to see you like that

splash of blood thwarted instinct
talk about death

I walk with my deeds I scream out through flesh torn by heaven and earth
shaped by my burden how can I attest to my life if I'm to vanish with the wind?

recoiling from a truth that breaks the ears
oppressed intentions

atone for your sins and leave your mortal life

is my only purpose in living a sin
because I am evil? (11)

while I'm here an' all;

VINUSHKA [Guilt/Sin] винушка. Vinushka is a traditional, obsolete form of вина (viná, or vina), in Old East Slavic.
vina is noted as meaning: fault, cause, excuse
viná is noted as meaning: sin, crime, error.
I want to know how they find these words! I've looked pretty extensively but had a great deal of trouble trying to find any info about this word.

SA BIR, apparently means "The Motion of the Earth", in Tibetan. But I cannot find ANY word in Tibetan that remotely resembles Sa Bir, except Sa Kya, which means pale earth. I can't find any word resembling Bir at all, let alone one that means something like movement or motion. O.o BUT I am hardly an expert in Tibetan, and the language isn't exactly overflowing with accessibility.
Because yes, I do pretty well consider Sa Bir as part of Vinushka, almost. :P

ドグラマグラ dogra magra is a Japanese novel by yumeno kyūsaku written in 1935. It was made into a film into 1988, and considered a precursor of modern Japanese science fiction. The plot summary of the film is thus:
A man is confined to a mental institution after trying to murder his fiancee. Two doctors relate his problem to an Asian philosophy that states that mental defects are transmitted from generation to generation. He learns that one of his distant ancestors murdered his wife as a way of demonstrating a point to his lord about the importance of love over the emptiness of lust and to drive home the point further, created a series of illustrations of the dead woman decaying which in turn trigger the memories of his distant descendent. But is the whole thing merely a game concocted by the two doctors, who may even have driven themselves mad?
from imdb

1: I think, the same husk he mentions in inconvenient ideal. His body.

2: ETA; changed.

3: the verb he uses here means 'to be reborn' and to make a fresh start, or be given a new lease on life.

4: I went on the booklet translation for this line, 'uetsuku' is just too open to interpretation, but, given the content of the book/film he's referencing, 'influence' feels like the right choice here.

5: irotoridori is literally multicoloured, or colourful. I have translated it as tacky.

6: I hope at this point it's painfully obvious Kyo is talking directly about himself, and the band.

7: batsu (burden, as I've translated it) here means retribution, divine punishment, curse etc. He mentions a burden, later in the song and I felt it appropriate to make the connection.

8: the word konkō here, is translated in the booklet as a vajra. read up about them here. since most people don't know what it is though, and 'vajra moon' sounds very odd, I've gone with something else. a vajra is something adamantine or diamond-like anyway, something indestructible and representative of spiritual power and determination in a number of eastern religions and philosophies.

9: on both occasions that he has used 'nemurase' in this song, I've translated it as 'rest'. he could very well mean 'to kill', but since he doesn't use the actual word for to kill, I didn't want to translate it that plainly. Regardless of how you want to read it though, either interpretation works within the song.

10: an antithesis is a direct, contrasting opposite of an original concept or proposition, which is usually the 'thesis'. here, I get the impression that the antithesis is the other, the unknown, the negative, and the thesis is the the familiar, the comforting, the positive. Considering the following lines in the verse I feel it's a metaphor describing mental illness.

11: I agonised over how to word this for ages. >.> It's just SO FUCKING IMPORTANT arrh. I dislike using the word 'sin' because it has a specific connection to a religious act in english, that tsumi does not. However, crime doesn't communicate the full force of the word, to me. GAH.


雲と交わす 呼吸を止めて 嗚呼 ただ 盲目の殻
此処が底か?陰りに身を焼かれ 嗚呼 ただ 忘れていたい
蟻の巣へと 欲を滑らせ さあ 今 生まれ変わればいい

明日を眠らせて 振り向く安らぎ
鋭く尖る 感情に身を任せて


冷えた声を響かせ 誓う

業と歩む 天地裂けた我この身と叫ぶ
罰と刻む 風と消えろ我の証は?

「金剛に輝く月はもう 見飽きそうなくらい眺めたんだ
狼にもなれそうにない 闇に狂いそうだ
首を喰らいたい 儚き残骸 眠らせはしないから
甘えたい年頃が・・・小夜なら 君に狂いそうだ」

誰しもが幸福とばかりに 手を伸ばし闇に潜む鬼となる
繰り返す度 崩れてゆくお前等の面が



儚きアンチテーゼ 咽び泣く地へと
憂鬱、背負うまま ざらつく津波に
価値を見出せず 首縊り十三階段

血しぶく 本能 踏み潰し

業と歩む 天地裂けた我この身と叫ぶ
罰と刻む 風と消えろ我の証は?




kumo to kawasu kokyū o tomete aa tada mōmoku no kara
koko ga soko ka? kageri ni mi o yakare aa tada wasurete itai
ari no su e to yoku o suberase saa ima umarekawarebaii

ashita o nemurasete furimuku yasuragi
surudoku togaru kanjō ni mi o makasete
uneru nagare sae ikiteru akashi to
namida ni fukeru ashita o sasō

uetsuku dogura, magura
madara no itami to yuiitsu no jinkaku
irotoridori ni kazari tsukerareta hitomi mo, mō iranai
mata gizen ga tsuresatte iku no ka?
hitorikiri no makka na yoru butai
wakiagaru tateyakusha ni sasageru
koko ga shinjitsu da

gomakasenai kokoro no katasumi ni wa “mada koko ni itai”
yurusenai no wa dare?
hieta koe o hibikase chikau

gō to ayumu tenshi saketa ware kono mi to sakebu
batsu to kizamu kaze to kiero ware no akashi wa?

“konkō ni kagayaku tsuki wa mō miaki sō na kurai nagametanda
ookami ni mo naresō ni nai yami ni kurui sō da
kubi o kuraitai hakanaki zangai nemurase wa shinai kara
amaetai toshigoro ga… sayo nara kimi ni kuruisō da”

dareshimo ga kōfuku to bakari ni te o nobashi yami ni hisomu oni tonaru
mō sudeni owari wa umareta
katachi wa zero ni umare shikyū ni hai modori kusaru
kurikaesu do kuzurete yuku omaera no omo ga

mimi o kudaku shinsō niwa daremo fure yashinai
yokuatsu sareta ishi

tsumi o aganai inochi yo sare

hakanaki anchite-ze musebinaku chi e to
te-ze ni hitaru kyōyū ni hone o umete
yuūtsu, seō mama zaratsuku tsunami ni
saraware nigai namida to warau
kachi o midasezu kubikukuri jūsan kaidan
te o tataki nareau hito
memeshii shisō ni mazari kizutsukeru
sonna kimi ga nandaka kanashisugiru

chi shibuku honnō fumi tsubishi
shi o kataru

gō to ayumu tenshi saketa ware kono mi to sakebu
batsu to kizamu kaze to kiero ware no akashi wa?

mimi o kudaku shinsō ni wa dare mo saware yashinai
yokuatsu sareta ishi

tsumi o aganu inochi yo sare

ore ga aku de aru ga yue ni
ikiru imi sae tsumi na no ka
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