26 Jul 2012

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This is so weird. I've had both vols of the AQA dvds for almost a week now and I've only watched them once. And I haven't fully watched the 3rd disks. O.o

Usually I'm incapable of doing anything but watching their dvds when I first get them till I know every second by heart and can daydream about them in detail when I'm stuck at a red light. If I'm honest it's because, on the whole, they just aren't... enjoyable like their other dvds are.


The narration makes no sense. It's narrated in horribly accented American-English, where as the actual important parts, the interview parts, are in unsubtitled Japanese. It makes no sense. After watching them again I genuinely don't like the narration. It's just tiresome.
The backstage footage is only okay. 1: because the guys are morose and extremely reticent, 2: because we see fuck all of them, but for random glimpses while they're walking somewhere or something. It doesn't exactly make for engaging repeat viewing. Soundcheck's are notoriously uninteresting, as is concert set-up. We do not need to see as much as we do. Same problem; it get's very boring, very quickly.
They seem to be trying to build up suspense or something, by leaving us dangling in terms of Kyo's health, and Shinya's, to a lesser extent. I might just be a pathetic fangirl, but I don't like it at all. It does nothing but make me feel incredibly sad while watching it. I genuinely want them to be able to maintain health and some level of satisfaction in what they do, and there really isn't much evidence of that here.
Boo just about ruins the second volume. He literally almost makes me hate it. I can barely watch the section in which we're following him. I sit there thinking "Well shit I really could be watching concert footage right now. Or just... anything else at all really". The amount of time spent with him is ridiculous. It's cunty. I paid for this dvd to see Dir en grey. Not Boo.
The pity VIP kid, also there almost ruining volume 2. I just... just can't. I honestly don't understand why this is on the dvd. It just happens out of the blue and feels so incredibly forced and unnatural that I just hate watching it. I do not know who's idea/decision it was, but I'd eat my own pant's if it was the band. More likely the US management, foisting yet more bullshit onto them. Jfc, it's known how much The End Records sucks, in terms of being a bunch of pushy, greedy little cunts. I hope their contract with them doesn't span on much longer 'cause they need to dump that shit and find a better US label, that 1: will show a bit more understanding and 2: not fucking ganch fan's wallets for brief VIP meetings the band are unhappy and unwilling to attend.
The dvd's just feel utterly incomplete for the lack of even one full inward scream. *shakes head*

Basically this documentary style just doesn't really suit them at all nowadays. The Macabre documentary is wonderful precisely for being fun. The band are active and engaged in backstage stuff, and appear approchable and friendly. It's not doing any good to make a documentary dvd in which the actual band looks grim, exhausted and utterly unwilling to show themselves offstage for more than a few seconds. The atmosphere is just no good. They'd have done so much better to just give us a full concert. IDC which, because the actual performance parts of the dvds are stunning.


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